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We exist that our world may “know the love of Christ…and be filled with all the fullness of God.”

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Sermon Notes: A suitable substitute is pure. A suitable substitute is propitiatory. A suitable substitute is permanent. ... Read More

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Calling all seafood lovers! Join us for our upcoming REPC Men's Oyster  Roast & Shrimp Boil on March 1st at 6pm.... Read More

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Preparing for the Lord's Day To represent one’s country in the Olympics is one of the greatest honors an athlete can achieve. This week, many of us have watched as competitors in skiing, skating and other winter sports have sought to win gold, not just for themselves, but for their country. While only one person wins the cross-coun...Read More

Preparing for the Lord's Day Numbers chapter 7 can read a bit like a year-end giving receipt; repetitive details of who gave what to whom. Over the past few weeks we have received an accounting of all the charitable gifts that we have given in 2017 so that we can claim them as deductions. Yet more than a tax deduction, these year-end sta...Read More

Preparing for the Lord's Day It may be the one passage of Numbers that you have memorized. Many of us have heard it for years at the end of worship services as the pastor gives the benediction. “May the Lord bless you and keep you…”  This week we will turn our attention to Numbers 6:22-27. In this passage we find ...Read More