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We exist that our world may “know the love of Christ…and be filled with all the fullness of God.”

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1. We must trust the Lord to bring salvation. 2. We must trust the Lord to bring satisfaction. 3. We must trust the Lord to bring solace. ... Read More

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The Pastor's Blog

Preparing for the Lord's Day Peace is a strange word to associate with the holiday season. How are you to have peace with all the traffic? How are you to have peace when you have added fifteen Christmas parties/events to your calendar? What is peaceful about Walmart in December? What is peaceful about children hyped-up on the excitement ...Read More

Advent marks the coming arrival of the Lord Jesus.  We need Advent.  We need time and space to wrap our minds and hearts around the incarnation.  That God became man...he became human...he became touchable and vulnerable.  He did that so that we might experience peace. That we might know it and treasure it.  He ca...Read More

Christ's birth on Christmas day brought the hope of eternal life, new birth, and new creation. C.S. Lewis helps us navigate the ups and downs of life in this created, but fallen world. Every unmet desire and deep groan reminds us that we were made for another world and Christ has promised and purchased this world to come....Read More