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We exist that our world may “know the love of Christ…and be filled with all the fullness of God.”

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Sermon Notes 1. The unchangeable character of God (verse 19a) 2. The unchangeable word of God (verses 19b - 20) 3. The unchangeable mission of God (verses 21... Read More

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Preparing for the Lord's Day Change is a concept that is hard to explain but impossible to avoid. From the earliest time of Greek philosophy, the problem of change challenged the world’s greatest minds. Some thinkers went as far as to say the change is just an illusion and that everything is actually static. On the other side, ther...Read More

Preparing for the Lord’s Day In our text, this Sunday, the prophet Balaam journeys to Moab in order to deliver to King Balak the message from The LORD concerning cursing or blessing Israel.  We will see a clear clash between the vision and purposes of King Balak and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This text reminds ...Read More

Preparing for the Lord's day What you see is what you get, but what you see isn’t all that’s there. That’s especially true in Balaam’s life as we look at Numbers 22:22-35 in a sermon entitled, “Donkey See, Donkey Do.” While Balaam has prophetic powers, he is unable to see his own sin as well as his sal...Read More