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We exist that our world may “know the love of Christ…and be filled with all the fullness of God.”

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1. Where is Christ? 2. Where are we? 3. Where are our minds?... Read More

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The Pastor's Blog

Preparing for the Lord's Day We do not often speak of the session of Christ. We speak of His incarnation, His death, His resurrection, and His ascension. Yet those have all taken place in the past. What is Jesus Christ doing right now? The theological term for what Christ is doing right now is session. Jesus is sitting at the right hand ...Read More

Puritan John Preston once commented that, “To be in Christ is the ground of all salvation.” It is from our union with Christ that every aspect of salvation flows. Our election, calling, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, sanctification, and glorification all flow from being joined to Christ by God’s grace...Read More

This is a reminder that we will have our Low Country Boil Tonight at 6:00 pm at REPC! To reserve your spot, call the church office at 846-3441 or sign up on line...Read More